Life Insurance – It’s Not Just About You

All of us are introduced to life insurance at some point in our lives. Whether we know someone who has taken out a policy, whether we’ve benefited from a plan directly as a result of the passing of a loved one or even if we’ve simply seen one of the many advertisements on TV. Whilst

Great Ways to Save Tax Free

Without the benefit of a crystal ball, nobody knows what’s around the corner. That great job with a healthy salary could end next year. You might be diagnosed with a critical illness and be unable to work. Your expensive car could be stolen, or out of the blue you discover you’re expecting twins. The point

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Property

The majority of individuals see home ownership as an investment and like any investment, you’re likely to want to at least sustain its current value or increase (if possible). A property is no different in that respect. It’s an asset, an investment and obviously an abode – all rolled into one. In this article we’re

Financial Strategies for Single Parents

The age where traditional families with 2.4 children were dominant is now long gone, and little more than a foot-note in history. While there is a minority that would consider this to be an example of declining morality and the failure to embrace long-term commitment, however, it is more indicative of greater social freedom and