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Accountants and Accounting

What does an accountant do?

Essentially, accountants manage different aspects that relate to money. As an accountant you’ll deal with issues that involve financial reporting, budgets, purchasing, pay, and taxes. Some accountants also audit.

There are different types of accountants- some of the most common include the following:

Management Accountants

Management Accountants can work for the government, and public or private agencies. They’re sometimes referred to as cost accountants or industrial accountants. The main task that distinguishes a management accountant’s role from those of other accountants is the preparation of data for use within the company.

This type of an accountant is often responsible for managing lower-level accountants who handle tasks such as recording income, and preparing income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets.

A successful management accountant has skills in math, business, and management.

Financial Accountant

A financial accountant’s job is to work with financial records to ensure that they are maintained and classified up to a certain standard. They’re also sometimes responsible for tax reporting, program administration, and inventory processing.

Financial accountants need to have a way with technology and be comfortable using computers, software, and accounting programs. Typically, these kinds of accountants work as consultants for companies.

Tax Accountant

Tax accountants usually work with the public, and help individuals prepare and file their taxes. They usually have 9-5 work days and work 5 days a week. During tax season, however, their hours can increase dramatically. Tax accountants are required to be up to date with any changes in tax laws that could affect their clients 

What do I need to become an accountant?

To become an accountant, you don’t technically need a degree of any sort- in some cases, however, it can be beneficial and is almost always an added bonus. It’s recommended that anyone who wants to work within accounting completes a bachelor’s degree program in the field. Going on to complete a master’s degree is the next step and is desirable to employers.

Going further still, accountants can become certified by taking a CPA exam that tests their accounting knowledge in a variety of areas. It isn’t a requirement to become CPA certified, but it does look good to employers when they are considering hiring an accountant.

How do I get CPA certified?

To become certified, accountants must pass a 14-hour long exam that tests them on a variety of accounting and financial related topics. The exam requires attention to detail and should be prepared for ahead of time to ensure success.

Where can I get my accounting degree?

Accounting degrees can be obtained through nearly any college or university. Maryville University is no exception and is a popular choice among aspiring accountants, as the school offers a great online accounting program that students can complete from the comfort of their own home. Maryville’s bachelor’s degree in accounting a good place to start your accounting career, and if you chose to continue on afterwards, the school also offers a master’s degree in accounting.