Accountants and Accounting

What does an accountant do? Essentially, accountants manage different aspects that relate to money. As an accountant you’ll deal with issues that involve financial reporting, budgets, purchasing, pay, and taxes. Some accountants also audit. There are different types of accountants- some of the most common include the following: Management Accountants Management Accountants can work for

Are Your Creditors Playing Fair?

Welcome to another Debt Elimination Tips post – my weekly series where I share with you my best tips for getting out of debt as fast as possible. If you’ve missed any previous tips in this series, don’t worry because you can read them here. Today’s tip is about checking whether your creditors are playing

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Welcome to Debt Elimination Tips – a regular series here on Disease Called Debt where I share my favourite debt busting tips with you to help you pay off your debt faster. This week’s tip is about how keeping your eyes on the prize will help you clear your debt faster than you’d think. Let’s

Earn Extra Income to Pay Your Debts Off Faster

If you’re in debt, you might think that the best way to pay it off is to tackle the highest interest debt first. It does make logical financial sense because overall there would be less interest to pay, saving money in the long run. However… there’s a massive downside to this method of debt repayment –

Taking Control: 5 Steps for DIY Financial Planning Success

Today’s post has been brought to you by Flying Colours who provide financial and investment advice in the UK. With the recent bank of England base rate cut to 0.25% and expectations that this may fall to 0.1%, banks have slashed the returns available for cash savers. Indeed, Santander’s lauded 123 account has halved its interest rate

4 Tips For Responsible Investing

A lot of people look at investing primarily as a way to make money. This is perfectly fine, but entering an investment with the express goal of “earnings” can also lead you to be more reckless in your decision-making. Generally speaking, you don’t want to fall into the habit of chasing quick profits in the

Medicine cost has risen much faster than house prices

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been ill recently you’ll know it’s not a particularly cheap business. Each item prescribed by the NHS costs £8.40 – unless you have an exemption. Clearly it’s worth paying that to improve your health but a series of stats show how the price of this has risen faster

4 Tips For Handling Finances in Your Marriage

Historically, households have only had one income and this was a role fulfilled by men. Women in the workforce is unquestionably a positive development of the past century, but two income households face their own challenges. With two incomes, handling money in your marriage is more complicated than ever. According to surveys, money is the