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Making Extra Money Online Isn’t As Hard As You Think

You may have caught yourself wondering how to earn extra money. Sure, you could offer yourself as a nanny, work some shifts at the nearest Starbucks, or even go as a clown in children’s birthday parties. There are probably hundreds of ideas in your head right now—all of them exhausting and or things that you could not see yourself doing. Well, you have come to the right place.

Earning money online is not as hard as you think, my friend. Just by having your laptop and a reliable Internet connection, you are already on the path to earning extra bucks by sitting in your own room. From becoming an online bridesmaid to investing in binary options (visit for more info), we’ve got you covered.

Selling your skills

Freelancing is probably the best and easiest way you can make tons of money online. And good news is there are over hundreds of freelancing websites that allow you to sell your skills to those who need them. If you consider yourself a good graphic designer, why not sell your expertise on The website boasts of over 100 categories—from web design to songwriting, from ghostwriting to resume-making—you can be sure that your skills will be entertained and will have a market.

Becoming a freelance writer is also a way of selling your skill. There are sites that pay those ideas in your head and they pay per word. If you wish to be heard by thousands of readers while earning on the side, it is every writer’s dream. Be sure that you adhere to these websites’ strict deadlines, too. Oftentimes, these sites religiously keep and follow an editorial calendar. Make sure you turn in your work ahead of the deadline so you can start working on another article. The more article you write, the more money you earn online. It is that easy!

Trading and investing assets online

While you can participate in many types of trading and investing online, binary options trading remains as the easiest to learn for beginners and gives you a higher potential to earn more profits compared to other forms of trading. You can trade assets in your own home—so all you need to have is a decent internet connection and your personal computer.

In binary options trading, you only have to predict the fall or rise of your selected asset’s price within a specified time. The only two financial decision you should keep in mind is “call” if you predict that the value or price of your asset will go up; “put” if you think it will go down.
To be good in binary options trading, you must always be aware of your chosen asset. Reading the news will be of great help so you can make a smart decision whether to go all-in or not.

Selling your knowledge

Tutoring online is also a good way to earn extra cash online during your free time. You will be tasked to help high school and college students revise for their exams in hopes that they ace it. You will be paid by the hour.

If you are good in Science and Math, you can offer your tutoring services to students who are in need of a tutor for their exams. Everything is done online. Sometimes, you will be asked to turn on your webcam. Be sure that you are in a place where you can speak freely and loudly, if needed, to maximize the kid’s learning experience.

Selling your voice

Does your voice sound like those you hear from movie trailers in the cinema? Do you think your voice is unique? Then selling your voice might become one of your options, too. By becoming a voice-over artist, you are tasked to narrate your client’s chosen stories and news articles. Apart from your laptop and internet connection, you must also be in a room with very good acoustics. Your recording equipment will also play an important element in your job. Usually, you are paid per project. Make sure you do not sell yourself short.

Selling your experiences

Some may find starting and managing a blog quite a time-consuming job; but of all those that are mentioned above, blogging lets you earn more money, and the cash flow is steadier.

First, you need to choose a niche or topic that is close to your heart, something that you would not get tired of talking about day in and day out. Are you a fan of backpacking and hiking? Then why not start a travel blog? It takes time to build a solid base of readers but once they start frequenting your blog, so will the advertisers. It is only a matter of time when hotels and airlines before they contact you wanting to advertise on your site.

If you become one of those bloggers extraordinaire by having thousands of readers, hotels will pay you a fixed amount to review their property. Sometimes, it also includes a night’s stay in one of their premier rooms. The staff will be at your disposal 24/7 so that they can make your stay a good on in hopes you give them a nice review. While airlines will give you a free plane ticket to a destination of your choice. Be prepared to be treated like a royalty because the words you write on your blog will ripple to your readers. It can make or break their brand.

There you have them! We hope that this list inspired you to earn more money online. These are just five of the many, many ways you can make extra money online without having to walk in uncomfortable shoes. These side gigs allow you to keep your regular day job and do not take up much of your time. Do you have stories to share about accepting freelancing jobs online or you would simply like to other things not found on our list? If so, please leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you.