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Welcome to Prince Georges, I’m glad you want to know more about this site! Prince Georges is a personal blog which offers opinions and views on getting out of debt, saving money, making money and building wealth. How Prince Georges can help you Hundreds of money related articles have already been published on Prince Georges with

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Why Life Insurance a Smart Investment for a Secure Future?

There is no doubt that life insurance is the sound investment decision you can take. It may not be the primary concern for many people, but it can help in many ways. Purchasing a life cover is a vital step you can make. Investing in the right life cover means you are buying a secure

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Accountants and Accounting

What does an accountant do? Essentially, accountants manage different aspects that relate to money. As an accountant you’ll deal with issues that involve financial reporting, budgets, purchasing, pay, and taxes. Some accountants also audit. There are different types of accountants- some of the most common include the following: Management Accountants Management Accountants can work for

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Are Your Creditors Playing Fair?

Welcome to another Debt Elimination Tips post – my weekly series where I share with you my best tips for getting out of debt as fast as possible. If you’ve missed any previous tips in this series, don’t worry because you can read them here. Today’s tip is about checking whether your creditors are playing

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